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Accelerating Rate Base Growth

Accelerating Capex Drives Faster Utility Rate Base Growth Well into the Next Decade: Our Updated Rate Base, ROE and Valuation Matrix Favors FE, AEP, AGR & PEG


July 9, 2019

Antiquated Power Grids

What Can Age of Plant Tell Us About Future Rate Base Growth?


October 25, 2017

Electric Vehicles and the Grid

The Impact of EVs on Power Demand, Peak Load and Electric Energy Storage -- and the Impact of the Grid on EVs


May 1, 2017

Exploding Duck Curve

The Cost to Achieve 100% Renewable Energy: A Comparative Analysis of Texas and California


May 18, 2019

Gas Turbine Market

A Primer on How the Power Market Shapes the Market for Gas Turbines - Historical Developments & Their Implications for the Future


November 15, 2018

Mitigating Rate Increases

Expanding Rate Base Without Raising Customer Bills; Which Utilities Have Done It and Which Can Do It Over the Next Five Years?


September 2, 2019

Power Demand Growth

What Does International Power Demand Growth Tells Us About the Outlook for the U.S. Power Sector?


February 14, 2019

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